Long known as ‘the belly of Bordeaux’, the Marché des Capucins – the ‘Capus’ to the locals – presents a big and colourful display every day.
Families, as well as friends who love to get together on Sundays, are drawn to the bars, counters and terraces, treating themselves to a plate of oysters with a glass of white wine and crépinette, or tapas or coffee, amid the constant hubbub. The market awakens at 3am, when the first stallholders unpacking their wares are soon joined by revellers, who come to finish their night’s enjoyment. As the morning progresses, the market fills with various kinds of people – from the middle classes out to savour the experience, to residents of this working-class district filling up their shopping trolleys. The stalls of market gardeners, butchers, charcutiers, fishmongers, bakers and cheese- makers sit alongside specialities from near and far. With its unique ambiance, the market has thus remained the heart of the town for the people of Bordeaux for several generations.

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