In 2011, a key figure in Bordeaux’s wine industry and a fervent collector, Bernard Magrez turned this lavish mansion into the institute that bears his own name: a temple to his passion for art. A project based on sharing with the public and supporting artists, it extends beyond the institute’s walls to some of Magrez’s châteaux and combines artistic patronage, artists’ residences, temporary exhibitions, concerts, lectures and discussions.
The neo-classical setting of the Château Labottière, restored in 2011, offers a pleasant contrast with the works of modern and contemporary art exhibited at the institute, home to a permanent collection of some 200 works by leading and emerging artists.
The setting of the Château Labottière offers a pleasant contrast to the works of modern and contemporary art dear to the Institute.

  • 16, rue de Tivoli
  • 33000 Bordeaux
  • T: 05 56 81 72 77

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