“Le Bassin”: a magnetic world apart where sand and water mingle under a gentle spell.
Between sky and sea, a palette of blues with a flurry of changing shades underlined by the golden line of the sand.
A little slice of blue paradise, it is fed by a mix of salty ocean waves and the fresh waters of the Leyre. A lagoon embedded in the land, fringed by pine trees and encircled by a ribbon of sand, which culminates majestically in the Dune du Pyla, the highest in Europe.
A world with its own mythology and made-to-measure vocabulary: the oyster beds that disappear beneath the water at high tide, leaving only their wooden stakes or “pignots” exposed to mark out their plots; the typical “pinasses”, flat-bottomed fishing boats that drift lazily from one bank to the other; the strings of brightly coloured cottages that spice up the décor; the Banc d’Arguin nature reserve, with contours that vary depending on the whims of the currents and winds; and, right in the heart of the Bassin, the mysterious. le aux Oiseaux (Bird Island), watched over from the top of their stilts by the famous “Cabanes Tchanquées” huts.
Time seems to stand still there…what a sweet illusion!
In the shade of the oyster- farmers’ huts, sample their freshly harvested wares by the water’s edge, gazing out at the big blue.

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