Established in 1975 in the former colonial warehouse (Entrepôt Lainé), the CAPC was promoted to the rank of Musée d’art contemporain in 1984. Although the majesty of its rooms is an invitation to contemplation, its programme intentionally challenges codes of creation: a collection of 1,299 works by 189 artists gives pride of place to conceptual art movements, exhibitions and notable temporary installations, plus a range of concerts, lectures and workshops.
“Raising public awareness of the changing faces of the current art world” is the CAPC’s self-appointed mission. A wide range of cultural and educational initiatives invite the public to come into contact with contemporary artists.
The CAPC’s flagship mission is to “raise awareness of modern art and the changing faces of the contemporary art world”.

  • 7 rue Ferrère
  • 33000 Bordeaux
  • T : 05 56 00 81 50
  • Website

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