Passing through bordeaux along the garonne invites you to discover the passionate history of city and river.
With the renaissance of the right bank, the river balances the two riverbanks and has become the city’s main artery.
River ferries, military vessels, cruise ships, pleasure craft…the Garonne welcomes boats brought by the four winds.
A port city, Bordeaux identity has been forged on its close relationship with its river, which brought it the bulk of its wealth, helped it opened up to the world and shaped its cosmopolitan DNA through trade with distant lands over the nearby ocean. Setting sail on the waters of the Garonne is also a journey through geography and history: the pale stone of the left bank with its majestic ribbon of 18th-century façades that sometimes proudly look steamers or warships moored in the Port de la Lune, reminding us that, historically, this was where it all began; and the right bank, behind its curtain of green, quietly reborn from its industrial ashes under a brilliant dawn of modernity.
Everywhere you look, historical heritage and avant-garde elements blend harmoniously, like the tram zooming silently over the Pont de Pierre, or the daring Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas raising its span to let the three masts of the legendary Belem pass underneath.
Since Napoleon’s Pont de Pierre, seven other crossings have spanned the Garonne in Bordeaux… an eighth is planned by 2020!



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